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What Is Your Value In The Music Industry?

Dallas Records is what we like to call the record label of Dallas, TX!  Are you a producer, writer, or promoter?  Whichever you are, if it adds value to our cause, contact us today!

What Are Your Music Needs?

*Artist Development

*Investment/Investor Knowledge

*Registration Of Your Music (Paperwork)

*Radio/T.V. Interviewing Training

*Fan Management

*Personality Management

*Manager Screening

*Character Coaching (Personal)

Do You Have A Hit?

Yundrae is the President of Dallas Records, and he has stated for years that Dallas Records is always seeking a hit!  Yundrae is an Entrepreneur of over 20 years, and he has years of experience in the Music Industry, and relationships.

The questions are:  Do You Need To Be Consulted As An Artist?  Do You Want To Learn More About The Music Business?  Do You Want To Have Us Listen To Your Music Or Musical Tracks And Give You Our Professional Feedback?  If Your Answers To The Above Questions Are Yes, Then Contact Us Today!

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