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Our Featured Artist - "YOUNG VINCE"

Young Vince, born Vincent, is a Texas Native with an itch for music.  Writing and recording since age six, his Dad had him in the studio the moment he saw his interest in music, and here he is todat at just 19 and had already released a project at 18 titled "BOOM" which is available Worldwide!

His mixtape released late 2017 caught fire, and now, HERE IS THE ALBUM!! Click Here or visit our store page.

Founder Of Dallas Records

Dr. Yundrae Wilson was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1976 and resided in Eastwood during the first stages of his life.  He attended Eastland Elementary and many other schools and neighborhoods in between due to domestic violence in his household as a an adolescent.  The rage and anger from home was vented at school, and as a result, Dr. Yundrae attended every alternative in every district of school he attended, which also led to crime and legal charges several times, which threatened his freedom over and over again.  With the help and love of his Mother and others, he pushed through some bad choices, and did eventually received his diploma and graduated from Green B. Trimble Technical High School. (Trimble Tech)

Once graduated, the double lifestyle of an outstanding citizen and the lifestyle of a drug dealer and violence clearly proved after a while to be destroying his life, and it was then Dr. Yundrae begin his road to change, and is still on the journey.

Presently today Dr. Yundrae is the Founder of Dallas Records, and President/CEO of Sword Ministries, Inc. which is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization. Dr. Yundrae is an Entertainment Genius, Master Promoter, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, International Recording Artist, T.V. Personality, Global Business Man, and a great friend to friends.  

Dr. Yundrae is also the Writer of the motion picture movie "Single Journey" which goes into production in 2018. Dr. Yundrae additionally is the Author of three books:  "The Boss Mindset", "Emotions, Education, And Ethics", and "ExtraOrdinary Dad."

Dr. Yundrae is also the President of Five Star Entertainment, Inc. and presently has over twenty(20) years of “full time” professional experience in Business, The Music, Entertainment, and Special Events Industry. It is impossible to share with you all that 

Dr. Yundrae has done and achieved in his years of full-time Business, but we will share with you a few things about him, and about some of the work that he has done, and services that he has provided for Non-Private clients, so that you may become a little more familiar with who he is, and his place in this World. 

Presently 41 years old, Dr. Yundrae's original trade was in the Aerospace Industry where he completed his studies for machine shop and CNC Operator. (Computer Numeral Controlled Machinery)  Once in that industry for a few years, he felt compelled to cut his own path in life as an Entrepreneur, and artist in the music industry.  Once he had exhausted all of his money, resources, thought to be friends, some material things, and suffered a while, he eventually did well for himself and children, as he was a single Father raising four(4) sons.  When motivational speaking opportunities continued to present themselves to him, he was compelled yet again to complete his studies at Tabernacle Bible College And Seminary in Florida, and earned his Doctorate Degree, in May of 2012. 

Dr. Yundrae is also an international music producer and recording artist, and over 60% of his personal product sales are used as working capital for his Non-Profit Tax Exempt Organization Sword Ministries, Inc. DBA “What About The Local Children, which has proud sponsors ranging from the “Dallas Cowboys”, “Texas Rangers”, all the way to “Target.” 

Dr. Yundrae through Sword Ministries, Inc. also handled exclusively the Billboard and Television Advertising and Marketing, and Sponsorships for the movie “Carter High” which Greg Ellis is the Executive Producer.  The release date for this movie is set for October 30, 2015.  

Dr. Yundrae partnered with H9 Water which released in 2015 some of the best after available to mankind.  However, once Dr. Yundrae discovered the benefits of pure filtered rain water, he started his own bottled water company called "Ancient Diamond." You can visit AncientDiamond.com for more details.

Dr. Yundrae handled some Global Promotions for Dr. Brown, Pastor of Great Commission Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Tx. One of the largest African American Church In Tarrant County, if not the largest. Dr. Yundrae's company also organized and presented several special events at Dr. Browns 3,400+ seat facility.

Dr. Yundrae has worked directly and indirectly with many of the pastors and leaders in DFW, far too many to name. (Please understand)

Dr. Yundrae's road to organized events started after one of his company called "Anointed Entertainment" completed its first major concert promotion, which they held at the new Potters House facility in Dallas,Texas. This concert organized and financed by Dr. Yundrae at Bishop T.D. Jakes new facility which seats nearly nine thousand (9,000) was enormous for Dr. Yundrae at that time, and it inspired him to do more event, but also to do more of a variety of events. 

Years of doing small and large special events has also led Dr. Yundrae to his 2017 project as the founder of "The Getaway Spot" in Fort Worth, Texas!  This facility is a members only facility, but is also a special events rental facility on nearly two acres of land.  Visit TheGetawaySpot.com for more details.

Dr. Yundrae through his Non-Profit Corporation Sword Ministries, Inc. begin exclusively handling Booking, Advertising, and Marketing for several ministries over the years, and financed and supported many concerts, theater plays, comedy shows, and conferences including “When Women Pray-2013″ which was organized and presented on June 27-29, 2013, and was held at the Verge Church in Dallas.  In 2014 the When Women Pray conference was held at Divine Grace Church in Arlington, TX on June 19-21.  In 2015 we presented the three day conference at the Omni Hotel in Dallas!

Dr. Yundrae is also the founder of Prosperity Women’s Dinner, which launched in 2015, and was held in May 2015 at the Omni Hotel in Dallas.  This event was such a success that Dr. Yundrae turned it into a two day event and called it Prosperity Women’s Weekend, in which Dr. Yundrae incorporated more powerful powerful women, including Dr. Jill Waggoner, Pastor Renee Hornbuckle, and more.

Dr. Yundrae did not forget about the men, and that’s why on October 3-4, 2014, “Prosperity Men’s Conference” was born!! In the planning for over two years, Dr. Yundrae presented a men’s conference in Dallas/Fort Worth like never seen before! The Guest Speakers included “Bishop Patrick Wooden”, Pastor of Upper Room C.O.G.I.C. in North Carolina, Dr. Wil Nicols, Pastor of Victorious Praise in North Carolina (Relationship Segment), Greg Ellis, Former NFL Pro Bowler, Dr. Kelsey Brown (Health Segment), Dr. Yundrae, and many more!!!  

Dr. Yundrae’s entertainment company K.O.G. Entertainment and Five Star Entertainment, Inc. organized and presented at least four events per year, called “A Night Of Laughter”, held at Dr. Browns beautiful facility and others held at The Summit in Grand Prairie, TX, titled: “Summertime Comedy Show.”

Dr. Yundrae is an Entrepreneur, just as his Dad, and his Dads Dad. He is also an entrepreneur just as his Mothers Dad, and his Dads Dad. So, besides the accomplishments of owning his own Trucking Company, Recording Studio, and T.V. Shows, and having his first Movie scheduled for completion by late 2013, Yundrae has also worked with most all Dallas/Fort Worth radio stations, various organizations, businesses, individuals, groups, and talents. Some include “Tamela and David Mann” (You may know them as “Meet The Browns” Directed by: Tyler Perry), The Late “Gerald Wright” – The Wright Group (Who Managed Kirk Franklin), “James Thomas” (AKA “JT” with Steve Harvey), “Rickey Smiley” (Nationally Known Comedian), Darius Bradford (Darius Has Wrote Comedy/Jokes for “Steve Harvey”, “Cedric The Entertainer”, “Rickey Smiley”, and more!) a very long list of BET Comics, whereby Yundrae provided Comedy Entertainment for the Troops Stationed At Fort Hood in Killeen, TX. (There is a long list of Comedians used during that span of time promoting shows in Killeen,TX. (Which Included the Harker Heights area) Dallas Comedians “D-Ellis”, “Q”, “Sir Walt” of Alabama, and more, all helped make it possible for Yundrae to bring comedy to Killeen and Harker Heights, TX back then!

Christian Comedians we presently and have worked with include: JazzTate (He is presently signed to K.O.G. Ent.), Cleto Rodriquez, Ms. Vickie, Jason Earls, Carolyn Murray and more. Christian Singers include: Tamela Mann, Karen Clark-Sheard, Myriah Cross (Presently Signed To Dallas Records), Drea, LaTonya Blair, Sean Reed, Rachel, L.I.F.E., Chi-Rho, Samantha, Jon Riddick, Tracie Chinwah & Faithful, Dr. Karen D. Taylor, Vision, Robert Brown, Donnie, Norris Jay, Dorrough, and so many more.

Yundrae has maintained the reputation as being the go to guy in entertainment behind the scenes, as most of Yundrae’s clients are private clients. Most all of the Play Writers in Dallas/Fort Worth, Yundrae has consulted or worked with at some time or another.

Dr. Yundrae has worked with a long list of hosts and radio personalities (A-Bay-Bay of K104 F.M, KiKi-J of K104F.M., Heaven 97, KGGR, and Rick Smiley of 97.9 The Beat F.M.) We have sponsored numerous events, including the stage play “She’s Not My Sister”, Featuring “Fred Hammond.” This sponsorship was done through a sister company “Yundrae Records” and “The Silent Partner” of Dallas,TX was also a sponsor.

Dr. Yundrae is known also for Sponsoring Special Events, which bring further exposure to his ever growing empire given as a treasure by God.

Due to the love of The Arts, We also were one of the major Sponsors of “The Texas Summer Music Conference” organized by Mr. Terry McGill.

In the Fall of 2012, besides getting ready for 2013, Dr. Yundrae presented “Dallas Idol.” Dallas Idol & K.O.G. Entertainment Presented “The Gospel Artist Showcase” at Friendship West in Dallas, TX.  Hosted by: "BAY-BAY" & "KIKI J" of K104 F.M

Dr. Yundrae's companies are known for going the extra mile to ensure that their events are memorable.

In 2012, Dr. Yundrae assisted two Charities outside of his own, to help more children. He was a keynote classroom speaker for the 2012 “804 Keepin It Real Youth Empowerment Summit” held on at Mountain View College, Presented By: Dallas County Community College District. The Coordinator for this event was “Sharon Jones-Scaife”, Publisher for Teen Graffiti. Special Thanks to Dr. Wright L. Lassiter, Jr., Chancellor, Dallas County Community College District.

During the Fall of 2012, Dr. Yundrae oversaw the Fundraising for Adventure Victory, in Dallas, TX. Jacqueline Johnson, President.

When you need help organizing your event, or simply need a consult concerning your event, give Dr. Yundrae's office a call to schedule your appointment.

Office: 214-310-1808

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NOTE: Dr. Yundrae’s Motivation Speaking Lists Are Not On This Bio.

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